Newsletter Jan

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We hope everyone had a great start to 2019. We have just finished our exams and have begun the manufacturing process fronted by our Chassis Lead, Valerio, who will be featured in this month’s issue of the newsletter.

This issue takes a look at the accumulator. The design and manufacture of this year’s accumulator will be one of the team’s proudest achievement as we believe it will rival innovation within the industry.

We are proud to feature one of our first sponsors, who will continue to sponsor us once again as a platinum sponsor. Our partnership came about from the mutual desire to explore emerging technology, and will continue to grow as we explore innovative solutions to the automotive industry.

If you are interested in learning more about Mewburn Ellis you can sign up to Mewburn Ellis’ monthly News & Insights round-up to keep up to date with developments from the world of IP. Visit TBRe were featured in a News & Insights blog which celebrated our 2018 successes. Read the blog here.

  • Team member: Valerio Pellicciari
  • Car highlight: Accumulator
  • Sponsor insight: Mewburn Ellis



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